WCOOP 2020 Winner Andre PTFisherman earning $1,147,271

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Poker | 0 comments

The 2020 edition of the popular World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) has come to an end. Granting the first place to Andre ‘PTFisherman’ Marques for one of the three NLHE main events. He enter the final table with 119,709,612 chips, placing him next to Teun ‘tinnoemulder’ Mulder with 134,881,209 chips.

Even the slightly less chips entering the final table, we saw PBTFisherman reach the end of the tournament as the winner.

The first place granted Andre the huge sum of $1,147,271. Not a small sum for an online poker event.

Big number of participants for the WCOOP 2020

We have seen before that the Pokerstars WCOOP is a popular event attaining a lot of participants and hence also the fine prize pools that we have seen the last couple of years.

Of the main events for this years contests, the 72-H $5,200 NLHE 8-Max was the one with the biggest price pool. Here a total of 1,436 players participated. But also the other main event payed the winners a good amount of money.

For the 72-M $530 NLHE a total of 4,821 players competed leaving the winner, 1mSoWeeeaK from Thailand $504,583. Not bad at all.

The 73-H $10,300 PLO collecting 80 participants, left the swede jedimaster82 as the winner with a sum of $283,368.

Next year could be just as exciting as this years’ WCOOP

The popularity of the WCOOP is likely to stay for next year. Considering the lack of physical events due to Covid-19, we could expect the online tournaments to grow even bigger for next year. Hence we can expect to see a lot more actions and big price sums for the big online tournaments in poker to come.